Hoeve Welgelegen De Haan

Welcome and enjoy your meal

Taste our unique ``WELBEHAGEN`` breakfast.

Since the spring of 2018, we have been pampering our guests at B&B Hoeve Welgelegen with a unique breakfast concept, in keeping with our philosophy of sustainable entrepreneurship.

We start every morning at 9 am with our ‘Welbehagen’ breakfast.

Count on an hour to enjoy all the goodies in our unhurried atmosphere.

We greet our guests every new day with our famous health drink. To share dishes follow each other in form of a tasting menu.

The dishes are composed of fruits, vegetables and herbs, grains and breads, dairy, fish and meat from the polders and the sea that surround us, that are cultivated or caught with respect for nature and that respect the seasons. In this way we offer lush diversity throughout the year.

Hoeve Welgelegen De Haan

Those staying with us for several days are guaranteed to receive a different breakfast daily, prepared à la minute.